The Different Hogwarts Houses Explained

The year in which the first Harry Potter novel was released tend to be 1997. Its from such year that Harry Potter universe became much popular now than before. Its also among the most widely-known franchises in the world. It’s good to know that Hogwarts tend to be the wizarding School that is featured in Harry Potter books. Its good for one to read more here on what the different Hogwarts houses mean. Such houses meaning is therefore explained below view here for more.

Gryffindor. It’s good to note that each student tends to be sorted into a different house. The student’s personality are determined by this magical sorting hat for best results. There is at the end sorting of such students according to the best fit house. Things such as students qualities and wishes are taken into account now! The most well-known house tend to be Gryffindor. Its where the most famous Harry porter got sorted into. Potter was however first sorted into Slytherin by the magical sorting hat which Potter didn’t like. It’s good to view here and see that the hat took such into consideration and sorted him in this house. Lion is this house emblem with gold and ruby colors. The emblem denotes bravery and courage. Godric Gryffindor is this house founder with fire as its element.

The second house is Hufflepuff. Yellow and black are this house colors and the emblem is a badger. Kindness and dedication are the core principles of students in such house. Its founder was Helga Hufflepuff. This house main element tends to be earth. One can read more about this house from this website meaning one can click on the homepage for more info. Hufflepuff is among some minor characters in Harry Potters movies. In addition Cedric Diggory completed with Harry in Triwizard tournament and was a famous member of such house.

Ravenclaw. Although many expects or thinks Ravenclaw’s emblematic animal to be a raven however the case is different since it’s an eagle. The colors in such house are bronze and blue. Its element is air and the house is associated with sapphires. Creativity and curiosity are important here. This house main initial founder was Rowena Ravenclaw. This house’s ghost is that of the founders daughter.

Last house is Slytherin. Salazar Slytherin is this house founder. Ambitious and resourceful are the key characters of such students. Water tend to be this house element and green and silver as the colors. Snake is its emblem and there are many famous slytherins. Tom Riddle and Severus Snape are among the famous Slytherins. This product also has other many death eaters similar to the one in Ravenclaw house. In simple terms there are four important Hogwarts houses. Gryffindor prizes courage, Ravenclaw knowledge, Slytherin ambition and lastly Hufflepuff prizes patience as well dedication.

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